Art and science are inseparable


Birds (study n° 3), 2019

A great adventure

Watching the sun dance on the Meuse at the end of the afternoon, behind a row of trees, I could hear the birds without seeing them, I had the impression of hearing the singing of the trees.

Before I fell asleep, I let myself be lulled by the memory of this spectacle, cherishing it in my mind as an inestimable treasure. How to translate it into plastic emotion by abstract forms without killing the image ?

The next day, Birds' first studies were born, quite simply.

Earth and sky

With Nu bleu, I wanted to extract the intimate structure of a female body through a set of complex absolute forms, enhanced by coloured spots.

With this revelation, we feel how much we belong to the Earth, even if we thirst for stars...

Deep down, a woman is never so desirable as when she is both sensual and spiritual.

Nu bleu

Nu bleu, 2019

Path of the climbers

Like nature

You don’t have to go far to find the beauty of the present. I often meet her in my immediate environment, as a gift from the Sun. It is always interesting to observe nature in order to understand its organization of forms, which makes it legible, coherent, intelligible. I don’t copy it, I do what she does, through my temperament. So, I like to discover the intimate structure of a landscape to cross the presence of its genius.

Francis Gengoux.



Artbox.Project Zürich 1.0 will participate in the Swiss Art Expo from 15 to 19 August 2019 in the CFF Hall, which welcomes more than 80,000 visitors per day.

I will be there with three Digigraphies digitally exhibited on a giant 2 x 2 meter LED screen during the duration of the exhibition..