"The time brought everything into focus". (Thalès)

The maturation of the style

In spite of a game of seesaw between the representational artist and the abstract, I affect finally a certainty: the debate between the representational artist and the abstract is vain. Indeed, any picture, established by touches sometimes juxtaposed, sometimes superimposed, sometimes even melted, train an abstract set. The representation appears to us by the just position of every element. So, the work makes sense. Any detail taken at random proves this reality.

Today, I need to express simply complex things already explored by other artists. Though we make, we say, there is nothing new under the sun. How would he be otherwise because the Earth, arisen from the Sun, will return to it ?

Only the light commands me what I can paint. A landscape without sun does not inspire me, it does not infuse in my spirit and therefore, I do not feel her child. At the end of the paralysis of inspiration, the dead end threatens...

Make as the nature

If a day without light is an error, he does not there need to be far fine to find the beauty of the present. I often meet her in my immediate environment, as a present offered by the Sun. He is always interesting to observe the nature to understand his organization of the forms, what makes her readable, coherent, understandable. I do not copy her, I do as her, through my temperament. So, I like discovering the innermost structure of a landscape of my district, my region, to cross the presence of its genius there.

To glimpse the future of my approach, see, it is the style which allows me to observe the reality with the intelligence of the dream.

Francis Gengoux.