"Time brings everything to light." (Thalès.)

Make as the nature

There is no need to go far to find the beauty of the present. I often meet her in my immediate environment, as a gift from the Sun. It is always interesting to observe nature in order to understand its organization of forms, which makes it readable, coherent, intelligible. I don’t copy her, I do like her, through my temper. Thus, I like to discover the intimate structure of a landscape of my neighborhood, of my region, to cross the presence of his genius.

To see the future of my approach, see , this is the style that will allow me to unify the general expression of my personality. To my greatest joy and, why not, to yours.

Francis Gengoux.

The art of future

Art digital, 2019

Even if the paint will remain a sure value, the art of the future will in no way resemble that of today. The generation, born with new technologies, will awaken vocations of digital art collectors. 

Some people, puzzled, soon forget that the invention of photography had caused the same scepticism.

Digital art is an art in its own right, the limits of which come only from the imagination of the artist. A place for new shapes, colours and materials... to take with you everywhere !

The more I explore the potential of computer science, the better I express a resolutely personal plastic vocabulary, without denying the fundamentals of traditional art.