The joy of preparing

Paint fat on lean

Today, I share with you my joy in preparing my mediums to meet the requirements of the fundamental rule: paint fat on lean.

My formula is inspired by Xavier de Langlais' famous book "La technique de la peinture à l'huile, suivi d'une étude sur la peinture acrylique". His recipes are only a starting point; they must be adapted according to his temperament as a painter, his style. After many tests, I found my personal formula, which allows me to always have several canvases in the yard; so as to respect the necessary drying between each session and not waste time.

The Summer-2

Last session

The last session, devoted to dry-laid impasses and, sometimes, in the half-cool, invites the spatula and the brush. A few glazes bring the final touch, before the signature. The painting will wait at least 72 hours before its varnishing.

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The Summer-2

Penultimate session

From the series The Four Seasons, here is "L'Eté-2", acrylic on canvas, 120 x 100 cm. This penultimate session is devoted to the earth colors composed with the three fundamentals: blue, red, yellow, sometimes degraded by white.

Subject of the painting: the anticline with Yellow Spots, in front of the Upper Meuse, in Waulsort; 340 million years contemplate the adventures of the human species.

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The Spring

The Four Seasons

When I meditate on the rotation of the Earth around the Sun, already halfway through his life, I am amazed by the beauty of this cosmography that offers us every season. That is why I want to pay tribute to this natural phenomenon with a series of four paintings, starting with The Spring. For this project, I chose the village of Crupet during the haying (the smell of mown grass is already a joy). 

Each season forces us to change to live new experiences in order to fulfill our vocation. We must accept these changes in order to grow, otherwise something like a diamond ends up losing all its brilliance.

Path of the climbers


Like nature

You don’t have to go far to find the beauty of the present. I often meet her in my immediate environment, as a gift from the Sun. It is always interesting to observe nature in order to understand its organization of forms, which makes it legible, coherent, intelligible. I don’t copy it, I do what she does, through my temperament. So, I like to discover the intimate structure of a landscape to cross the presence of its genius.

Cross varnishing

A delicate operation

If a varnishing is successful, it is necessary to comply with the basic conditions: methodical preparation of the material, the painting and the varnishes will be aligned with the ambient temperature, no air flow to avoid dust, where to monitor the drying of the varnish.  Apply the varnish to a perfectly dry paint. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and do a test on a worthless work.

The Battle of the pixels

I wanted this video as short as possible to illustrate the abruptness of the event : humanity will be surprised!

Ice Age Now

The work of physicist  (*) of the University of Northumbria shows that the Earth will experience in the next thirty years a small glacial age. (Sorry, Greta!)

Today, the Antarctic ice sheet is melting because of underwater volcanic activity, mainly.

In reality, solar activity obeys high and low cycles. Maunder’s minimum corresponds to a small glacial age that lasted from 1645 to 1715, or 70 years. 

In 2020, the Sun will inaugurate cycle 25, a low activity that, according to NASA, will be the lowest solar minimum in two decades.

To this is added the attenuation of the Earth’s magnetic field caused by the displacement of the magnetic poles.

We are therefore at a climatic crossroads, at the origin of in contradiction with the anthropogenic thesis of the IPCC which supports eco-dollars and the juicy carbon market. (Al Gore’s fortune rose from $3 million to $300 million.) See how floods are multiplying all over the world! Water, hail,  appear out of season in unusual places. However, all glaciation is preceded by incessant floods...

Happy one who has an accommodation with a good fireplace...

Get ready!

(*) See the of climate-sceptic scientists.

The quote

"The form isolates; the force (movement) connects: at all times, great artists wanted to combine this double and inverse capacity." (René Huyghe, Formes et forces, Flammarion, 1971.) 



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