A small dormant ice age

The work of scientist Valentina Zharkova of the University of Northumbria shows that the Earth will experience in the next thirty years a small glacial age.

About 800,000 years ago, the Earth already had CO2 levels comparable to today’s, and, as glaciologists say, there was no industrial activity at that time.

Today, the Antarctic ice sheet is melting because of underwater volcanic activity, mainly.

In reality, solar activity obeys high and low cycles. Maunder’s minimum corresponds to a small glacial age that lasted from 1645 to 1715, or 70 years. 

In 2020, the Sun will inaugurate cycle 25, a low activity that, according to NASA, will be the lowest solar minimum in two decades.

To this is added the attenuation of the Earth’s magnetic field caused by the displacement of the magnetic poles.

We are therefore at a climatic crossroads, at the origin of considerable terrestrial changes in contradiction with the anthropogenic thesis of the IPCC which supports eco-dollars and the juicy carbon market. See how floods are multiplying all over the world! Water, hail, snow appear out of season in unusual places. However, all glaciation is preceded by incessant floods...

Happy one who has an accommodation with a good fireplace...

Get ready!

The Battle of the pixels

I wanted this video as short as possible to illustrate the abruptness of the event : humanity will be surprised!

The Spring

The Four Seasons

When I meditate on the rotation of the Earth around the Sun, already halfway through his life, I am amazed by the beauty of this cosmography that offers us every season. That is why I want to pay tribute to this natural phenomenon with a series of four paintings, starting with The Spring. For this project, I chose the village of Crupet during the haying (the smell of mown grass is already a joy). 

Each season forces us to change to live new experiences in order to fulfill our vocation. We must accept these changes in order to grow, otherwise something like a diamond ends up losing all its brilliance.


With abstract art, I build a bridge between my consciousness and the universe. I am convinced that a well-constructed, complex absolute form connects, by its points of force, cosmic energies and can harmonize the vibratory rate of our planet. Even if my intuition is not validated by science, I like this idea. In short, I am trying to synthesize geometric abstraction and lyrical abstraction, what I call geolyrism.

Lettre au Vimana

Study for Birds

A great adventure

Watching the sun dance on the Meuse at the end of the afternoon, behind a row of trees, I could hear the birds without seeing them, I had the impression of hearing the singing of the trees.

Before I fell asleep, I let myself be lulled by the memory of this spectacle, cherishing it in my mind as an inestimable treasure. How to translate it into plastic emotion by abstract forms without killing the image ?

The next day, Birds' first studies were born, quite simply.

The quote

"A painting should be both abstract and figurative; abstract as a wall, figurative as a representation of a space." (Nicolas de Staël.)


Sketch for Lettre à un Gilet Jaune, 2019. 

Despite a certain precision, there will be a great deal of improvisation in the execution of the work.

Pose of juices

Juice for Lettre à un Gilet Jaune, 2019.

Fragile, unpredictable step, the laying of juices determines all the plastic emotion; this is the moment when shapes and colors are chosen before making love...

Finished work

Lettre à un Gilet-Jaune,



Study for Ruelle Frère Hugo, 2013