"At the service of art and those who serve it", Jacques-Armand Akoun, an expert in the arts, proposes his books devoted to the side of artists, of which the most famous is La Cote des peintres. This rating is also published in the databases of the international art market. A reference site for any plastic artist and collector.

Directories & search engines

: Directory of plastic arts, painters, sculptors, workshops, galleries, exhibitions, exhibitions, courses, competitions, festivals, associations, meetings, by country: Belgium, China, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Romania, Switzerland. A wealth of information to exploit.

: Register of Arts (directory and search engine). A site well designed for all plastic surgeons.

Ecosia.org: A search engine that protects the planet. Using Ecosia means: planting trees, full transparency, negative carbon footprint, respect for your privacy. Works perfectly with the excellent Firefox browser.

At the service of the artist

: Société des Auteurs Dans les Arts Graphiques et Plastiques, in Paris, which defends and manages the copyright of plastic artists through its most important repertoire in the world. An essential site.

: To sell and buy new and second-hand items, this is a simple, efficient and, icing on the cake, free site. Even artists find their happiness there. Professional and helpful team.

: An exchange platform available to artists and professional galleries in liaison with Belgium. Rigorous selection.

: Organizes exhibitions of contemporary art, in particular at the Carrousel du Louvre in the Côte d'Azur. More than 400 artists and galleries, accessible to the general public: possibility to buy original works on site at a democratic price.

: Organizes exhibitions in the most important cities of the international art market (Basel, New York, Miami, Zürich, Hong Kong, Singapore). Open to any nationality. Apply on the site.

: Rémy Aron, in France, launches a petition addressed to Richard Ferrand, President of the National Assembly Demand respect for artistic diversity! Stop State Dirigisme! Sign and share this petition with your friends and contacts to reach at least 7,500 signatures.

Forgotten books

: A site dedicated to used books, in good condition, sold at the price of the argus. From novels to practical books, to investigative journalism. In particular, I recommend reading the book The Mystery of John Paul I, by Liliane Schraûwen.

: Used comics, large and small format, collections, papers, periodicals, modern journals, in good or very good condition. Attractive prices. For comic book lovers, this site is worth a visit.

La citation

"It is not languages that define the borders of the Internet but cultural links." (Caio Tulio Costa)

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